Ep 83 “FullyPoseable Opposites Attack”

August 20, 2017

Jef and Scott talk about their toyspottng for the week. In the news they discuss the prototype galoobs that were never release and the FTC variant sketch that was revealed this week. We have OSFTM tag team series 2 and 3 to round out the OSFTM line. Scott’s secret question returns this week and he’s so excited. We finish with some listener questions and Everybody Has a Price. Should we remind Scott this is a family podcast?


Ep 82 “FullyPoseable’s Hotline Number 9009099900”

August 13, 2017

Jef and Scott mark out about the Zack Ryder interview, then they talk about their toyspotting for the week. In the news we have dye cast toys and FTC’s COA’s. They cover OSFTM Series 3 Rubber figures. We finish with the Who Did it Better segment and the listener segment. Does anyone want the turtle figures? Maybe the editor should start toyspotting for listeners since Jef is “catching heat.”


Special Interview with Zack Ryder

August 11, 2017

Jef and Scott interview WWE Superstar Zack Ryder. They discuss Zack’s collection of past and present figures. They go over his Hasbro collection. How he spent his first WWE paycheck. How he felt when he had his very own action figure made and so much more (including a wish and top figures). What did happen to those figures for Hawkins?


Ep 81 “FullyPoseable Goes Hog Wild”

August 6, 2017

This week Jef and Scott discuss their toyspotting for the week. In the news we have Macho Man RSC Exclusive, TNF’s showing up at Walmart, and Elite 52 MOC. They go over OSFTM Series 2 Rubber Figures. Scott’s secret question. We finish with two listener stories and Keep, Sell and Destroy. Since when is Anthrax wrestling figures???


Ep 80 “FullyPoseable’s Hardcore Heaven”

July 30, 2017

Jef and Scott discuss their Toyspotting for the week. In the news we have FTC’s amazing reveal and we recap all of the figures from BigTime Bill’s interview. We have a new nostalgia segment. It’s Who Did It Better this week and we end with a listener segment. Why didn’t we have the mark button go off this week???


Ep 79 “FullyPoseable Reviews SDCC”

July 23, 2017

Jef and Scott discuss their Toyspotting for the week. They cover a few listener audio questions. We have a ton of news this week: FTC has their weekly reveal, and then we have San Diego Comic Con! We cover everything from new lines, elites, basics to the new Barbies. What was your favorite from the SDCC reveals? Anyone else think the AJ looks like Kevin from Backstreet Boys?


Ep 78 ”FullyPoseable’s Lethal Lottery”

July 16, 2017

Jef and Scott discuss their Toystpotting for the week. In the news: Entrance Greats are making a comeback, Basic 76, new battlepacks and FTC figure announcement. The final series of ECW is discussed. We have a listener segment and finish off with Everybody has a Price. Ok, seriously, how could they make American Alpha worse???


Special Interview with Marty DeRosa

July 14, 2017

Jef and Scott interview comedian and fellow collector Marty DeRosa. Hear all about Marty’s love of Galoob’s, his love of repainting and customizing figures. Marty talks about his many Toyspotting adventures. We hear his top 5, his wish list and much more! Make sure to check out his podcast with Sarah, Marty and Sarah love Wrestling.


Ep 77 “FullyPoseable’s Road Fast Road Hard”

July 9, 2017

Jef and Scott discuss their Toyspotting for the week. In the news the RSC Jericho was shown, Elite 52 D-Lo Brown was shown, UK Exclusive Tyler Bate, and the TRU Comic Con Exclusive was revealed. FTC had a figure reveal. They cover ECW Series 5. We have Scott’s secret question provided by a listener. We finish with a listener segment. What do you guys think of the TRU Comic Con Exclusive?


Ep 76 “FullyPoseable Superbrawling at its Best”

July 2, 2017

Jef and Scott discuss their toyspotting for the week. In the news we have the RSC Jericho and nothing for FTC, when we record early we don’t have a lot of news, sorry guys, we’ll make up for it next week. It’s ECW Series 4 this week. We have Scott’s secret question. We finish with an audio question, another toyspotting adventure with Seth and Who Did It Better. Has everyone had luck toyspotting with the FullyPoseable gear? Let us know!