Ep 207 “FullyPoseable’s They call it in Saint Diego”

January 5, 2020

Scott returns back from his excursion to San Diego. The boys go over their toyspotting and some important figures they were able to receive from a friend. The boys also talk about a video that Super 7 made discussing their Andre the Giant figure. The boys go talking to the listeners. Jef’s tag team partner Randy, sends in an audio question. We also receive a question from our local listener Norm that is answered by not only Scott and Jef, but also Brian Breaker. And we round out the listener questions with Josh Thompson’s weekly question. The boys go over the Defining Moments series 5 and round it out with everyone’s new favorite game, the Change up, were special guest Nate aka ringskirts makes an appearance. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Snap chat and Facebook @Fullyposeable.  Instagram is @FullyposeableWFP.  You can email us any questions at Fullyposeablewfp@gmail.com.  Purchase our shirts and more at Whatamaneuver.net, Pro Wrestling Tee’s and RedBubble

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